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Systema: with Phytonutrients
Systema: with Phytonutrients

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Systema Supports Systemic Stem Cell Production

Enjoy the benefits of stem cell research from the comfort of your home

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Systema Supports Systemic Stem Cell Production

Enjoy the benefits of stem cell research from the comfort of your home

Stem cells are the body’s intrinsic system for replacing cells and strengthening tissues when and where needed. The actions to support the healthy structure and function of the body are systemic – literally meaning from head to toe. Systema combines numerous potent botanicals, nutrients and extracts that have been shown to support the production, release and function of stem cells. For vital systems such as the nervous system, additional botanicals are included.

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The lead component of Systema is an extract of brown seaweed. Known as fucoidan, current research indicates a powerful effect to increase the production and release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the circulation. Even beyond that, fucoidan stimulates an increased expression of a cell adhesion molecule called CXCR4 that may increase the efficiency of stem cells homing to... tissues to act when and where they are needed.

Much attention in anti-aging medicine has also been given to the so-called “immortal berry.” Known as goji or wolfberry, use of this high anti-oxidant red-orange berry has been associated with legendary longevity. The reportedly well documented longevity of Chinese herbalist Master Li Ching-Yuen extended to the extraordinary age of 256 years! His exceptionally long and healthy life is attributed to his use of anti-aging herbs, especially the consistent ingestion of goji berries. Using Systema, you can now explore personally the effects of this time honored botanical.

The merits of goji berries are reported in clinical studies showing their ingestion to boost the immune and circulatory systems as well as support normal blood sugar. Supplementation with Goji berries has also been shown to increase stem cell proliferation and increasing the number of immune defensive monocytes in the bone marrow. There are also clinical data to indicate that long term use of goji was associated with the blood measures of older persons returning to a younger state.

Blue green algae and their extracts are also associated with anti-aging effects. Systema contains Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) and Spirulina to offer the merits of the deep blue green pigments of these vibrant botanicals. Particularly the extracts of AFA have been shown in clinical testing to increase the production and release of stem cells from the bone marrow.

Resveratrol is a brown-red pigment found in red wine. A powerful anti-oxidant, animal studies have shown it to increase longevity significantly. This compound is felt to be responsible for the so-called “French Paradox” in which the rich fatty diet enjoyed in France is associated with especially low risks of cardiovascular disease.

Beta glucan is an especially powerful immune supporting and anti-aging compound. It is a polysachharide (a chain of glucose molecules with specific chemical linkages) found in certain grains, mushrooms and yeasts. Other effects include stress reduction and supporting normal cholesterol levels. Applied topically, it has been found to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, support healthy skin, and even reduce the appearance of scars. As a type of soluble fiber, an additional longevity promoting factor is supporting normal blood sugar levels and sensitivity to the effects of insulin. Soluble fiber serves as a prebiotic that can enhance healthy probiotic bacteria and normalize digestion. An additional soluble fiber benefit is activating satiety that can support effective weight management.

Bacopa monnieri has potent anti-aging effects for the brain. This revered botanical has been used for over 7,000 years and is also called brahmi or herb of grace. It has been shown to have a calming stress reducing effect. The compounds called bacosides appear to improve the ability of your brain’s neurons to communicate by enhancing the production of dendritic connections. These compounds also support the repair of damaged brain cells and boost the production of new brain cells. These profound neuronal regeneration effects have been associated with improved learning, memory and overall cognitive function in clinical studies.

Blueberry is unique among the berries for its brain rejuvenation effects. Even given a similar anti-oxidant activity, it is blueberries that have been shown to

increase the plasticity of the brains of older experimental animals to that of younger ones. Plasticity is the capacity of the brain to form new pathways for performing tasks or solving problems.

Rutin is a potent anti-oxidant found in apples, figs, buckwheat, citrus, and green and black teas. Chemically it is a bioflavonoid found in clinical studies to support the healthy structure and function of veins, and strengthen blood vessels. It may reduce the tendency for blood clots to form and thus should not be used with blood thinning medications such as Coumadin.

Green tea is a celebrated anti-oxidant with thousands of published articles indicating anti-aging effects from head to toe. Of particular interest, giving green tea extracts is associated with activating stem cells within the body.

A trace element associated with supporting immune function, cardiac protection and anti-tumor effects, selenomethionine is an organic highly bioavailable form of selenium. In this form it is known to increase the levels of glutathione and the vitally important anti-oxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase. Glutathione is the most abundant and probably the most important anti-tumor anti-aging anti-oxidant within the cells. Studies show that its level as well as that of the associated enzyme have powerful effects to protect the function and integrity of stem cells. In addition, the levels and ratios of these compounds are part of the process whereby stem cells are invoked to become the types of cells in the body when and where they are needed.

To reduce the effects of stress, rhodiola rosea is exceptionally powerful. Under stress the adrenal gland releases cortisol, which if it remains elevated can have many detrimental effects. These include a tendency to type 2 diabetes, immune suppression, and gaining weight around the waist, so-called cardiac fat. Within 24 hours, use of rhodiola can lower the adrenal stress cortisol response to normal levels. Rhodiola has also been well studied to show that it increases both physical and mental endurance, particularly in high altitude situations.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), like rhodiola, is an adaptogen that can reduce cortisol levels that have been increase by stress. In addition, it has has been shown to reduce stress induced suppression of the immune system. It is noted for its calming and mood elevating effects. “Ashwa” means horse and “gandha” means smell. The name refers to the horsey smell of the fresh root and more importantly the traditional view that using the herb confers the strength and virility of a horse. Consistent with its name, studies indicate it can increase both potency and fertility. Its use has been shown to improve physical performance in both sedentary persons and athletes. Ashwagandha has also been reported to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, and assist with normalizing hormone balance.

Vitally important to stem cell generation is having enough nucleic acids present to build new cells. While oral ingestion is not the optimal delivery route, having representative nucleic acids will support optimum response and benefits from the overall Systema formulation. Many studies indicate that supplemental nucleic acids significantly increase cellular regeneration especially of cell types that turn over rapidly such as stem cells. The main precaution is that ingesting nucleic acids may increase uric acid levels and predispose to gout. The level present in the formula is well below that usually associated with aggravating uric acid issues, yet persons with elevated uric acid or a history of gout should review with their physician before use.

The first of two aging clocks in DNA is a system called DNA methylation. A methyl group is a simple chemical structure with a central carbon bonded to 3 hydrogen atoms that form the base of a little pyramid. While these single carbon structures have many uses in the body, their function in DNA is to be precisely placed in the DNA of each type of cell to instruct each type of cell what it can and cannot produce from the DNA code. Each of the hundreds of types of cells has a specific arrangement of methyl group placement that tells the cell what type of proteins it is not supposed to make. Over time methyl groups tend to gradually fall off of their intended locations. When too many have fallen off, the cells no longer divide and the life span has been reached for the mammal, whether rat, mouse, or man. Systema provides the key nutrient factors that have been shown to be able to slow, stop, and even reverse the loss of DNA methyl groups, thus potentially reversing the aging clock itself.

Several vitamin and mineral cofactors are included to support the overall function of enhancing production and delivery of stem cells to tissue. The overall formulation has been treated with the Qi laser activation process. The utility of this method has been shown especially in studies of biodynamic organic farming. It was found that laser activation of the plant nutrition applied to the leaves and stems increased the mineral delivery into the sap by factors of 2-5 fold. In addition, Qi laser activation of the applied plant nutrients nearly tripled the relative yield increase from the use of the nutrients.

Astragalus has become perhaps the most famous Chinese longevity herb. In particular a concentrated extract of this herb has been shown to be able to lengthen the telomeres. The telomeres are the ends of chromosomes and have the property of being the second aging clock within DNA. The telomeres are long and shiny when you are born. As your cells divide over time, with each division the telomeres tend to get shorter. When they get too short the cells stop dividing, becoming a limiting effect on life span. There are some lines of evidence that suggest if you can keep telomeres long, aging may be delayed indefinitely. And the younger your stem cells stay, the younger the state to which they can regenerate your tissues.

Systema puts all of these factors together in balance in a laser activated form. The purpose is to boost your own production of stem cells to offer you the ability to rejuvenate your tissues from head to toe.

Suggested Use: 3 capsules at bedtime or 1 capsule 3 times per day 20-30 minutes before each meal. Not recommended for children under 12 years old or during pregnancy or lactation unless advised by your health practitioner.


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