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UltraMins Mineral Capsules

This is the first full spectrum multi mineral that provides a complete spectrum of fully reacted amino acid chelates and complexes. No other formulation on the market today has ever combined such highly desirable attributes to provide the most highly bioavailable minerals that can be ingested. UltraMins(tm) contains the following mineral forms that research has shown to be associated with a plethora of attributes: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Selenium, Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Boron, and Cobalt.

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Current nutritional surveys indicate that the vast majority of people are deficient in one or more essential minerals. Mineral deficiencies can have devastating effects on health,wellness, and quality of life.
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There are several reasons that mineral deficiencies are widespread. Many people simply fail to ingest adequate amounts of minerals to meet minimum requirements. For example, a recent survey indicated that 74% of persons tested did not consume the minimum recommended amount of magnesium, one of the most common of the major mineral deficiencies. Worldwide public health assessment indicates that 2 billion people in the world are iron deficient, with a consequence of 1 million deaths per year. Regions of the world that have low selenium content in the soil have up to double the incidence of cancer and heart disease.

Perhaps the most common cause of mineral deficiencies in persons who think their ingestion is adequate is their use of poor quality inorganic minerals. Inorganic mineral salt forms include oxides, carbonates, sulfates, acetates, chlorides, phosphates, citrates, gluconates, and lactates. In order for these inorganic salts to be absorbed, there must first be sufficient stomach acid to split the salt into the free positively charged mineral ion. These positively charged ions can then bind irreversibly to dietary fiber, phytates, and tannins to form insoluble complexes that can't be absorbed. These ions can also bind to polyphenols to negate their antioxidant benefits or to medications to reduce their function.

The positively charged ions that remain antagonize each other for absorption. For example, just adding calcium salts to zinc salts reduced the zinc absorption by 70-80%. A study of subjects on a high fiber diet supplemented with copper, zinc, and magnesium salts showed that absorption did not overcome intestinal and urinary losses - the subjects were becoming increasingly deficient in the minerals being supplemented. Since the vast majority of mineral supplements in the market are inorganic salts, these products may give the illusion that the body is getting what it needs, while deficiencies can become greater and more serious.

An additional factor that compounds mineral deficiencies is accelerated mineral loss or the wasting of minerals. For example, stress increases the rate of loss of magnesium and zinc. Magnesium loss is also increased by alcohol, caffeine, and inorganic calcium supplements, and greatly increased by diuretic and cortisone medications. Exercise increases the excretion of magnesium and iron. Calcium and iron often bind to medications, increasing the intestinal loss of both the minerals and the medications. Calcium in particular may suffer a form of internal wasting. If magnesium is deficient, calcium may deposit in undesirable locations such as soft tissues, joints, and blood vessels, while the bones are starved of calcium.

Because of the need for stomach acid, mineral binding by dietary components and drugs, intense mineral antagonisms, and mineral wasting simply ingesting a certain number of milligrams of minerals is not enough to be certain of providing the body with the minerals required to sustain or improve health. Through extensive scientific research, a solution to the mineral absorption dilemma has been discovered. The solution is in the form the minerals are delivered, a form that overcomes the limitations of the typical inorganic salts.

During the natural digestive process, proteins are broken down into building block units known as amino acids. If certain amino acids come in contact with an ionized mineral, the amino acids can wrap around the mineral, as though the mineral were being grasped by the pincers of a crab. This neutralizes the charge of the mineral so it no longer binds to fiber or other dietary components. Charge neutrality also relieves the antagonism of other minerals. As the amino acids have active transport mechanisms to facilitate their absorption, the amino acids wrapped around the mineral package the mineral for highly efficient absorption.

Even after absorption, the amino acid packaging helps the minerals get into the cells for much improved mineral utilization. This packaging also makes the minerals safer, making toxicity or abnormal deposition much less likely.

A mineral with an amino acid wrapped around it is called an amino acid chelate. This term is derived from the Greek word for claw, or 'chela.'

Amino acid chelates are thus the safest and most efficient way to provide needed minerals to all the tissues of the body. Extensive research has shown that amino acid chelated minerals usually have 2-9 times the absorption level of inorganic salts. Even after absorption, utilization in the desired locations in tissue is often 2-3 times greater.

UltraMins is the first full spectrum multi mineral that provides a complete spectrum of fully reacted amino acid chelates and complexes with the following properties: Certification that the minerals are indeed true chelates with the full biological benefits of true chelates. Some companies only provide admixtures that they call chelates that lack the benefits of chelates

Minerals are provided in sufficient quantity to be of significant biological benefit

The mineral forms have been subjected to numerous scientific studies and shown to be far better absorbed and far safer than typical inorganic mineral salts

Absorption of these minerals is not reduced by food, other minerals, or medications

Vitamin D and Vitamin K are added to support optimum utilization of minerals

For those occasional minerals that form complexes rather than chelates, the optimum complexes are used that have been shown to have much greater bioavailability than inorganic salts

A highly advanced laser enhancement process is applied to improve the consistency of the form of the chelates for even greater bioavailability

No other product has ever combined all of these highly desirable attributes to provide the most highly bioavailable minerals that can be ingested.

Recommended Use

For general health maintenance, 3 UltraMins capsules twice daily
Capsules may be taken with food or on an empty stomach
For persons with known or suspected mineral deficiency of bone, up to double the usual amount may be taken
As many persons are magnesium deficient, it is prudent to take extra magnesium for 4-6 weeks, either 2-3 MagSpectrum or 4-6 MagCardio offering good replacement
Persons taking diuretic medications may have an ongoing need for greater magnesium and other minerals, and should consult with their practitioners for an individualized program

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