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Nitroxx -  L-Arginine Amino Acid Dietary Supplement
Nitroxx - L-Arginine Amino Acid Dietary Supplement

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Would you like to increase your internal levels of a molecule that research has shown can dissolve and heal scarring in the heart, can repair and prevent damage in blood vessels, can help combat circulatory issues, and can restore and enhance sexual vigor in men and women ? So vital, at so many levels of human biology, the internal product called nitric oxide received the Molecule of the Year Award from the prestigious journal Science in 1992. For the lungs, the ingredients in this formula support the highest delivery of oxygen to tissues and the expansion of healthy bronchial tubes making it possible for you to breathe easier during periods of exercise or rest. NITROXX optimizes the regeneration ability of healthy skin, heart, kidneys, thymus, bone, and other tissues. Read about more of the research-backed, amazing benefits of this formula below.

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Arginine is one of the most potent amino acids for stimulating the release of human growth hormone, a rejuvenator of virtually every cell and tissue in the body. This formula is beneficial for enhanced immune function, a healthy cardiac program, long-term memory support, and also helpful for safe support of sexual health and vigor.
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Dr. Jonathan Stamler of Duke University Medical Center extolled the virtues of nitric oxide in the New York Times in 1996 as follows:

"It does everything, everywhere. You cannot name a major cellular response or physiological effect in which arginine-derived nitric oxide (ADNO) is not implicated today. It is involved in complex behavioral changes in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart, dilation of blood vessels, regulation of intestinal movement, function of blood cells, the immune system, even how digits and arms move."

So significant is ADNO that three American nitric oxide researchers shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this work on October 12, 1998.

ADNO means that nitric oxide is generated in tissues from the amino acid arginine. The side chain tail of arginine is rich in nitrogen. A specific enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, uses this nitrogen to make nitric oxide.

Supplemental arginine, particularly if provided with nutritional cofactors that support its function, has been proven to have a wide range of life enhancing benefits. As emphatically stated by Charles Stroebel, MD, PhD, application of the knowledge about arginine supplementation as reviewed in The Arginine Solution, "will save hundreds of thousands of lives."

In vitro evidence for the usefulness of the laser stimulation process in the NITROXx™ product includes:

* Immune cells (macrophages) were fed ordinary versus laser activated L-arginine. Gram for gram the macrophages that were fed activated L-arginine produced statistically significantly more nitric oxide. This is likely to be biologically significant as nitric oxide participates at a basic level of many aspects of cell chemistry. The importance of these effects is underscored by the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine being awarded for research in nitric oxide. Among the effects of nitric oxide are vasodilation and control of blood pressure, facilitating long-term memory, reducing cholesterol levels, preventing LDL oxidation, increasing immune function, and restoring erectile response in males and lubrication in females.

* Macrophages intensely stimulated with bacterial toxins doubled their nitric oxide production; upon adding activated L-arginine nitric oxide production was nearly quadrupled, a highly statistically significant increase. This is a direct reflection of immune function as macrophages produce "bullets" of nitric oxide gas to eradicate bacteria.

NITROXx™ is a cofactor rich arginine supplement that goes beyond all prior technologies. Through a patented process of holographically engineered structured energy potentials, the arginine molecule is reshaped and potentized to make it more biologically active. As lasers are used to construct the holograms, the treated material is said to be laser enhanced. Assays of biological activity have shown that the holographically laser enhanced arginine is significantly more biologically potent than ordinary arginine. Human immune cells fed with the arginine in NITROXx™ produced significantly more nitric oxide than if the cells were fed ordinary arginine, an up-to 600% increase in nitric oxide production over baseline.

A short list of the scientifically demonstrated benefits of arginine-derived nitric oxide is as follows:

1. Can increase energy, vitality, and sense of well-being.
2. Insures adequate blood flow to the brain and helps brain cells communicate with each other.
3. Research Studies with Supplemental DNA and RNA.
4. Provides the active agency of long-term potentiation, essential for laying down long-term memories.
5. Keeps open the arteries that supply the heart, to improve exercise tolerance and reduce the risk of heart attacks.
6. Relaxes blood vessels and lowers or maintains normal blood pressure; has been used as a natural anti-hypertensive to replace drugs without side effects.
7. Can make you look younger as well as feel younger; Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone, which can rebuild skin, muscle, and internal organs back to more youthful levels.
8. Powerfully enhances genital blood supply in men and women; Can restore potency even if there has been prolonged impotence; With long-term use can help heal the blood vessel injuries that cause impotence; In men with intact function, it can increase the firmness and durability of erections; In women, arginine supports the cyclic engorgement of the vagina and genital organs during sleep, which may be required for optimum oxygenation, vitality, and function.
9. Helps keep the blood from getting too sticky and can thereby reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke.
10. The immune system uses ADNO as a nitric oxide bullet to directly destroy bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells.
11. Can increase bone and muscle mass.
12. May reduce total body fat.
13. Regulates the tone of airways in the lungs and can prevent or relieve asthma.
14. Helps control insulin secretion in the pancreas and can reduce the risk of diabetes.
15. Can lower rectal sphincter tone and relieve hemorrhoids.
16. Powerful free radical scavenging.
17. Lowers total and "bad" LDL cholesterol, leaving "good" HDL cholesterol unchanged.
18. Helps prevent oxidation of the "bad" LDL cholesterol to keep it form becoming even more dangerous.
19. Reduces risk of cardiovascular damage even if cholesterol is significantly elevated - by reducing toxic effects of fat engorged macrophages (a type of immune cell - literally a "big eater").
20. Tumor fighting effects in a wide range of cancers.
21. May have a role in improving cognitive function in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease
22. Can help heal and reverse damage to arteries that supply the heart, brain, or any other tissue of the body.

The arginine in NITROXx™ is the most powerful natural nitric oxide enhancer ever made available. Human macrophages intensely stimulated with bacterial components increased their nitric oxide production 400%. When fed the enhanced arginine of NITROXx™, these macrophages further increased their nitric oxide output to 600% above baseline, which was a significantly greater increase than for ordinary arginine (p<. 025).

NITROXx™ also contains the potentiating cofactors B3, B6, zinc, magnesium, and selenium. The three minerals are provided as highly absorbable amino acid chelates. Greatly improved absorption and bioavailability have been demonstrated for minerals provided in the chelate form (amino acids wrap around the atoms to create a transport mechanism). Chelated minerals also do not antagonize absorption of other minerals or result in the toxicities that supplements of inorganic minerals can cause. Proven benefits of these chelated minerals include improved cardiovascular health, improved function of nerves, better health of prostate and genital tissues, potent antioxidant benefits, and reduced risk of tumors.

For all of its benefits, supplemental ingestion of arginine has been found to be very safe. There are, however, certain precautions. Persons with herpes virus infections may have an increased risk of outbreaks. Taking supplemental L-lysine can counteract this risk if a level of 3-6 grams is ingested daily. Persons with schizophrenia may have an aggravation of symptoms. Precautions are also put forward for persons with migraine headaches, depression, autoimmune disorders (like lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, or multiple sclerosis), breast cancer, liver cirrhosis, or AIDS.

The following is a breakdown of the benefits of NITROXx by body system:


* Preventing oxidation of "bad" LDL cholesterol, greatly reducing its harm.
* Keeping fat-filled immune cells from hurting vessel walls.
* May help heal damage to the heart wall.


* Essential to long-term memory through promoting long term potentiation.
* Facilitates communication between nerves even without synaptic contacts.
* Exquisitely controls blood flow throughout the brain microcirculation.

Blood Vessels

* Blood thinning effects may reduce risks of heart attacks and strokes.
* Naturally lowers elevated blood pressure while enhancing potency.
* Adjusts blood flow to oxygen demands through all tissues of the body.

Digestive System

* Relaxes overactive anal sphincters, helping hemorrhoids and fissures heal.
* Helps the liver eliminate ammonia.
* Has a role in regulating normal intestinal movement.


* Nitric oxide boosts oxygen loading and carbon dioxide release in the lungs.
* Nitric oxide helps deliver oxygen to the tissues.
* Nitric oxide expands the bronchial tubes and may relieve asthma episodes.

Sex Organs

* Works one step earlier than other pharmacological modalities in the chemistry of erections.
* Enhances erectile firmness and duration, often relieving impotence.
* Increases sperm count.


* Helps regulate insulin secretion by the pancreas.
* May reduce the risk of diabetes.
* Through muscle building can help boost basal metabolic rate.

Immune System

* Helps immune cells form gas "bullets" that eliminate bacteria and viruses.
* Interferes with replication of harmful organisms.
* Stimulates anti-cancer activity of lymphocytes and macrophages.


* Potent stimulus to building lean muscle mass.
* May increase bone density significantly.
* May accelerate the healing of injuries.


* Potent antioxidant activity protects DNA from free radical injury.
* Supports human DNA while inhibiting DNA of harmful bacteria.
* Through growth hormone release gives the signal for rejuvenation.

Life Extension

* Stimulates the release of human growth hormone to slow or reverse aging.
* Supports longevity by capacity to heal lining of blood vessels.
* May help regenerate skin, heart, kidneys, thymus, bone, and other tissues.

Mood and Energy

* Helps reduce muscular fatigue during exercise.
* Can increase physical energy and endurance.
* Increases blood flow to the brain for heightened mental acuity.


We have recently completed analysis of the clinical effects of the activated amino acid L-arginine. As mentioned, this amino acid is so important for basic physiologic functions that the Nobel Prize in 1988 was awarded for research in this area. Our clinical trial showed statistically significant reductions in total cholesterol, the "bad LDL" cholesterol, and even improvements in the ratio of the total to the good HDL cholesterol. Approximately two thirds of subjects showed improvements in their cholesterol profiles, and where such improvement occurred it was generally quite significant.

The clinical marker for blood pressure is also significantly improved by the laser enhanced L-arginine complex in our NITROXx™ formulation. Blood pressure, as you know, has a systolic value - the upper number - as well as a diastolic value, the lower number. Of those subjects that had hypertension in the study (defined by a systolic blood pressure over 140 and a diastolic blood pressure over 90), we saw a statistically significant reduction of both systolic and diastolic blood pressures. The average systolic blood pressure drop after 2-3 months was 20 milliliters of mercury and the average diastolic drop was 25 milliliters of mercury. Consistent with reports of other studies of L-arginine, sexual potency was increased, as opposed to reduced, with this mode of intervention.

Suggested Usage:

The recommended initial use of NITROXx is 2 capsules 3 times daily. Taking it with a small amount of carbohydrate may facilitate absorption, whereas protein can interfere with absorption. This provides 3 grams of arginine, a level of ingestion associated with many health benefits. Depending on your response, you can increase your intake to three capsules 3 times daily if you would like to intensify your results. In clinical studies, up to 5-7 times this level have been injected intravenously without significant adverse effects. Benefits are best achieved and sustained with consistent long-term use, both as a possible remedy and as a preventive.

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