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GemAminos - Natural Vitamin Nutritional Formula for Brain Energy and Focus, containing: glutathione, glycine, leucine, taurine and many other brain supporting nutrients and cofactors
Gem Aminos, Essential brain nutrition in a world full of split-second problem solving.

GemAminostm exceptional brain support. Most people know that glutathione supports the immune system and liver. Did you know that L-glutathione is an important anti aging, anti oxidant for the brain? An ultimate an brain fuel and antioxidant formula, it provides an incredibly powerful anti aging, antioxidant for anyone wanting to be at their mental best.

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Ferrari or Fiero, Porsche or Pinto, performance depends on quality and sufficiency of fuel. Put crude oil in a Corvette and a Camry will beat it off the line every time.
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Each cell in the body carries out far more intricate functions than any high performance engine. Chemical reactions timed to the millionths of a second cascade and flow through the cycles of a cell's activities. Many types of fuel are needed to maintain the peak vitality and function of cells, upon which physical health and energy depend.

Nerve cells are at the height of the cellular pecking order. They are the largest, most complex, and most fuel sensitive cells in the body. The richness of nerve cell organization in the brain gives a storage and creative capacity that dwarfs that of the mightiest supercomputers.

GemAminos provides a full spectrum blend of brain boosting, fuel rich amino acids and other potent nerve cell support nutrients. These amino acids can be converted to brain hormones that promote learning, memory and thinking functions or they can be used directly for brain energy, mental clarity and focus.

Among the most vital of all of life's building blocks, every protein and enzyme in the body is formed from amino acids linked together. Powerful whole-body energizing molecules like adrenaline are amino acid derived. Many of the major neurotransmitters are made from amino acids.

The most critical of all the aminos are the essential amino acids. The term essential is applied because the body is unable to make these amino acids from other nutrients. The body must ingest these specific amino acids in their exact chemical form from external sources. A deficiency of any of these aminos in the diet impairs protein synthesis. GemAminos provides all the essential amino acids.

The nutrients contained in GemAminos have been found to have powerful benefits. The potency of their effects is given a further boost through our patented laser energizing process. There is growing scientific evidence that this energizing process significantly enhances the nutrient effects of the ingredients. The strongest supportive data thus far has been derived from directly recording the electrical output of the brain.

Brain electrical activity is measured in a test called an EEG or electro-encephalogram. A brain map is an EEG that measures the power output of the brain at various locations over the brain surface. The alpha wave band is in the frequency of 8-12 cycles per second. The alpha wave band is in the frequency and has been called a "state of relaxation with enhanced awareness." In our initial studies we have observed an increased in alpha output power up to 50-70% over baseline after ingestion of energized GemAminos.

The main ingredients of our high-octane cell nutrition formula are free form amino acids, antioxidants, and brain chemistry boosting nutrients.

GemAminos contains a wide array of free amino acids that provide valuable fuel to the neurotransmitters in the brain. L-Phenylalanine promotes alertness and vitality; L-Lysine is vital in the makeup of critical body proteins and is needed for growth, tissue repair, and the production of anti-bodies, hormones and enzymes. Endorphins are natural pain relievers made in the brain. GemAminos contains DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA), which may help boost endorphin levels.

Our ability to learn can be enhanced with the right combination of nutrients. Glutamine and L-Tyrosine have been proven to be effective learning enhancers no matter how old or young. Both of these are included in the GemAminos formula.

Oxygen used for internal combustion within cells is vital for cell function. If fuel is not completely burned in the process of energy generation, highly reactive molecules called free radicals may be formed. Free radicals derive their name from having free or uncombined electrons, which aggressively rip out bits of other molecules to satisfy their need to combine. Free radicals may damage membranes, proteins and even DNA. Their presence is felt to be a factor in the aging of tissues and the risk of malignancy. Anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals and protect and preserve the integrity of tissues. Several anti-oxidant boosting ingredients are provided in GemAminos.

GemAminos are especially rich in glutathione, which has been called an anti-aging triple threat. It deactivates free radicals, is an anti-tumor agent and has provided benefit in allergies, diabetes, and arthritis. It has helped prevent harmful effects from high dose radiation, alcohol and cigarette smoke. Glutathione acts as a sentinel guarding against modern toxicity.

Suggested use: 2 capsules in the morning one half hour before or 2 hours after eating

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