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Complete Aminos Powder
CompleteAminos Powder Amino Acid Blend

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Our Complete Aminos(tm) is a synergistic blend of over 20 free form amino acids that provides the body with as much protein as what is contained in egg white protein. The difference is, when you consume a protein, such as egg white protein, the body must digest the protein all the way down to single amino acids to be able to use the amino acids to rebuild tissue. In this formula, the work is done for you!

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Our Complete Aminos™ formula is a synergistic blend of 20 free form amino acids intended to provide the body with highly absorbable, high biological quality protein. The difference is, when you consume a protein, such as egg white protein, the body must digest the protein all the way down to single amino acids to be able to use the amino acids to rebuild tissue. Aminos may prove beneficial for those who do not get enough protein in their diet, especially individuals just starting a low protein or vegetarian diet. Amino acids are components of protein. Protein is also necessary in the formation of bones, red blood cells, and antibodies. Research also shows that amino acids may positively affect our body's response to depression, migraines, insomnia and lethargy.
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There are approximately 28 known amino acids that when combined together make up hundreds of proteins that are present in all living things. In order for all the vitamins and minerals we intake on a daily basis to work properly, amino acids are an imperative part of our lives. Our liver produces 80% of our amino acids - the non-essential amino acids, which can be manufactured by the body from other amino acids obtained from dietary sources. The other 20% are produced by a healthy diet and these are called essential amino acids, which cannot be manufactured, by the body and need to be obtained from our diets. The importance of proper amino acid levels is to insure that our bodies have enough protein for every day function. They enable all the vitamins and minerals to perform their jobs properly.

As protein molecules often contain hundreds of amino acids connected and cross-linked into complex structures, the task of complete digestion is enormous. It requires many stages of breakdown from the stomach to intestines to "chop" the proteins into smaller and smaller sections until the reduction to free form amino acids is reached.

The first potential challenge that the body is faced with is the inadequate digestion of protein to free form amino acids. Although the diet may supply an apparently adequate amount of protein, incomplete digestion may reduce greatly the quantity of free form amino acids that are generated for tissue renewal purposes.

Those looking for immune system support or those with digestive problems, for example, often have a very difficult time with protein absorption, therefore loosing muscle mass. Complete Aminos™ is designed for those who have this terrible difficulty with protein absorption. Deprived of sufficient amino acids to make its own proteins and enzymes, the body may suffer from a state of protein and enzyme deficiency even though dietary intake appears adequate.

Additionally, this product has been developed in both neutral- and pro- immune formulas. The neutral -immune formula was designed such that it may be the only complete blend of free form amino acids available that will not over-activate immune activity.

The Complete Aminos™ provides free form amino acids that are highly absorbable without further digestion and provide an intense burst of highly concentrated, life-giving, amino power. Additionally, it can also be taken during that "3:00pm slump" or anytime during the day that you feel you need an extra energy boost.

AMINO ACIDS Among the most vital of all of life's building blocks, every protein and enzyme in the body is formed from amino acids linked together. Powerful whole-body energizing molecules like adrenaline are amino acid derived. Many of the major neurotransmitters (chemical signal molecules that drive the complex processing in the brain) are made from amino acids. The most critical of all the aminos are the essential amino acids. The term essential is applied because the body is unable to make these amino acids from other nutrients. The body must ingest these specific amino acids in their exact chemical form from external sources. A deficiency of any of these aminos in the diet impairs protein synthesis. The essentials are well covered the Complete Aminos. As is fully discussed in Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible, each of the ingredients listed below is just a short summary of some of its known health benefits.

Suggested Use: Can be taken as needed for an energy boost, immune support, or additional protein.

POWDER: 1 scoop (provided) taken sublingually, directly under the tongue, on an empty stomach will provide the most immediate results. l Or place a 1 scoop in juice and mix vigorously. Please see bottle for more information.

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