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Brain Power Package Save over $7 Brain Smarts Dual Carnitine - safe weight loss with nutritional support for fat-burning and metabolism - build your energy, health and fitness levels
Brain Power Package
Our Price: $157.54
Brain Smarts
Our Price: $37.77
Dual Carnitine
Our Price: $38.77
Save with Brain Power Package with GemAminos, GEM-Power and HeartGems Brain Smarts Mental Energy Blend
L-Carnitine acts as a kind of escort service for fat....
EPA DHA supplements with essential fats M-Power & BHU M-Power
Our Price: $29.77
GEM-Power & BHU Protein Bars
List Price: $106.99
Our Price: $106.99
GEM-Power Spray
Our Price: $77.00
Of all the health supplements that may be ingested, essential fatty acids (EFAs) are among the most beneficial and important. Boost Your Day with M-Power and Yummy Bhu Organic Protein Bars

BHU Primal Protein Bars with simple and organic ingredients! One of our most popular flavors at the office is Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut

M-Power Spray is Gematria's high-energy, all-natural spray formula for enhancing Qi (pronounced “key” or “chee”) energy, intended for daily use. The formula contains Monoatomic (single atom) minerals that have electrons that are in a so-called high spin state, which may support and enhance feelings of vitality, awareness, focus, intuition and creativity. It also contains amino acids.
M-Power is our high-energy, all-natural spray formula for enhancing Qi (pronounced “key” or “chee”) energy, intended for daily use.
GemAminos - Natural Vitamin Nutritional Formula for Brain Energy and Focus, containing: glutathione, glycine, leucine, taurine and many other brain supporting nutrients and cofactors Gematria Gift Certificate HeartGems Anti Aging Nutritional Supplement
Our Price: $43.77
Our Price: $36.77
Brain Supplement designed for fueling improved concentration, focus, and memory in healthy brains Create a customized gift certificate that can be emailed or shipped to anyone in the United States. What a great way to say you care with the gift of health. Just add the gift certificate to your shopping cart and you will be guided by prompts for the amount, and to whom and where the certificate will be sent. This formula represents what we believe to be one of greatest nutritional compilations for supporting rejuvenative health and nutrition on the market today.
ReCharge Striatal Support Formula
Our Price: $33.77
Striatal Support Formula
Our Price: $34.77
For Optimal Energetic Levels & Longevity Detox support spray with glutathione